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Light Boost = 100%: Backlight strobe flash of about 2.4 milliseconds per refresh.

This results in slightly over ~2 pixels of motion blur during 960 pixels/sec motion.

It is very a simple engineering feature to permit the strobe flash length in a strobe backlight monitor to be adjustable.

This is consistent with perceived motion blur by human eyes when you are viewing on a Light Boost monitor, experimenting with it at various different refresh rates as well as various different Light Boost settings: For display users: It is a user preference in adjusting motion clarity vs brightness.

However, it is not a very accurate representation of perceived display motion blur and motion artifacts: Example: Stationary camera photo of a moving object on a display.

Pursuit Camera: Accurate Capture of LCD Motion Artifacts Pursuit camera are used by display manufacturers for testing (e.g. This is simply a camera that follows on-screen motion.

The brightness of the photos were equalized to allow for easier motion blur comparison.

Only a final quadrilateral correction was done to de-skew the photos, leaving the blurring unmodified.

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