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I feel like must have talked about it with my parents. Kelsey: At around 5, I was at my cousin's house for a sleepover. 😬 Group: 😳 😂 Maria Luisa: My problem was just that I was too lazy to go pee.

I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. But then, when I looked down, I realized that I totally missed the toilet. It was even outside the toilet rug and just directly on the floor! There were massive gardens at my elementary school. Because we wore skirts with our school uniforms, I thought if I just sat and opened my skirt, I could pee and somehow the pee wouldn't get on my skirt. But thankfully, my mom has always been very awesome with these types of conversations. She would never make me feel ashamed because she already knew how bad I already felt.

Next, I tried a few places in Crown Heights, both of which were "unavailable," a vague term that did not clarify whether they were currently in strenuous use or nobody was home to host.

There are simply devil bags to unburden and anxious minds to ease.

"Allow me to suggest that Airpnp, the new crowdsourced bathroom emergency application, has the potential to dislodge a force far more entrenched than any taxi commission or hospitality industry, which is the power of government to legally forbid you from doing your business in public places, if you're not around a commode when the urge strikes.

We live in a country where you can rent the entire history of music for the cost of a panini, but every day millions of citizens are obligated, by municipal law, to agonize silently, unable to do a thing that we literally need to do to not die. Needing-to-piss stress is a first-order problem, and the fact that a tiny startup from New Orleans is just getting around to it in 2015 gives the lie to the idea that the big tech corps actually have "improving the human condition" high up on the dry-erase board when they're calculating which intractable knot to untie with Objective-C next.

we're confident enough to chat about everything from wild pubic hair to going bra-less. Last week, we sat together *family-style* (sans dinner table and tuna casserole) and created a safe space to talk openly about the childhood bathroom blunders we buried in the deepest depths of our brains.

We all remember as kids how having an "accident" in public (or in someone else's home) spurred a whole lotta anxiety.

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Kejal: Peeing yourself is very anxiety-riddled when you're a kid. I remember wetting the bed in first and second grade and feeling nervous about spending the night at friends' houses. But sometimes, I peed the bed while I was at a sleepover.

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