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I opened You Cam Makeup, selected the aforementioned photo and got to work.

And obviously, because it's a L'Oreal app, only L'Oreal product options are given.

Then, for my eyes, I erased dark circles with the Eye Bag Removal tool (a.k.a my new secret weapon), filled in my brows, applied black eyeliner and mascara.

My favorite part was choosing the berry color lipstick I wished I had worn.

The Tinder-like app, however, makes it loads easier to narrow down the ones you like - and the ones you don't.

You can either upload your photo and swipe left on the colors you don't care for and right on the ones you do, or you can view a color and see how it looks live, using the mirror button. I couldn't stop swiping until I had virtually tried all 100 shades.

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This app also only lets you play with lipstick, so your photo needs to be in good shape to begin with. Modiface forces the user to arrange dots as close to her features as possible to get the right calibration (left).

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