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This was the first Chanel I ever bought and I love it! That day you wake up and realize you've lost 5 pounds, the kids are making their own breakfast and your husband is washing the dishes. This is the perfume I imagine French ladies of the night wore centuries ago. An aromatic and not juicy peach with a citrusy facet and then some soft balmy vanilla, smoothening for the most part.

Up until now the scent is not alluring for me, but a very pretty and lovely scent. I agree with eren.ceylan's comment "for elite ladies." Perfumes shouldn't be restricted to certain age groups, but it smells like something wealthier women wear.

Allure eau de parfum by Chanel is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. The fragrance features bergamot, mandarin orange, peach, cedar, vanilla, rose, jasmine, peony, magnolia, orange blossom, lotus and vetiver.

I was so disappointed with this perfume and that has never happened with a Chanel creation before.

I like it for years but always found it too mature for me in my teens, now on my early twenties I had the opportunity to smell it again. But then on my skin I could barely smell it, and what I could smell was not good. I'm so sad :') Just heavenly I would never have guessed the individual notes in this, as they blend so well. Its clean, but not too clean, feminine but not too sweet. It's sophisticated, elegant, classy, rich, sexy, truly alluring. I did not bought a bottle then for myself since it was her signature. She said, 'took you long enough, you were obsessed with it!

I loved it on the blotter, it smells nothing like a Chanel perfume to me, which I like cause I hate them usually. I get a definite chanel vibe, citrus, powder and warm woodiness. Fast forward many years later and i sort of forgot about this beautiful scent. ' On to the scent now, its a soft, smooth peach scent. Put it on after a shower,clean and lotioned skin makes a difference! Will see what others say..;-) Swapped..down was musty on bueno Fragrance Review For Allure Chanel Notes: Bergamot, mandarin orange, peach, cedar, vanilla, rose, jasmine, peony, magnolia, orange blossom, lotus vetiver Allure is a beauty treatment for the skin as much as it is a perfume.

In Allure however the cedar note adds a bit an austere grown up feeling to the overall cozy, slightly gourmand composition. I shall enjoy wearing it on cooler days and evenings but not sure it could ever become my signature fragrance! ) This fragrance should be given 5 stars if it was possible to rate fragrances on fragrantica. It smells as comforting as a cashmere scarf wrapped around your neck.

I love the Ed T, and until recently thought I was not into the Ed P. Hands down Allure is one of the best perfumes, with top longevity and silage.

I tend to avoid fragrances with cedar as this note becomes high pitched with my skin chemistry (think D&G Light Blue). (Keeping this vague because so many ladies have left more detailed, wonderful reviews! one does not really know what note stands out and has the most presence. It is perfect to use everyday, as it essence is confident and in control of oneself.And the male version is equally good ❤️ This fragrance has Jacques Polge's name written all over it. If it weren't for that peach (god, I really hate that note!), I would totally enjoy this scent; alas, just like another Chanel pillar, Christalle, the peach really ruins Allure for me. This is an appealing, good quality, creamy and sweet fragrance.I guess orange blossom isn't for me, much like cherry blossom.It hits my sinuses and my face morphs into an expression not unlike the gif of the baby tasting lemon for the first time.

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Reminds me of home and it smells familiar, maybe mom has been wearing either Allure or something similar. The scent of pink lady apples permeates also-- even thought this is not listed in the list of "ingredients". I can't imagine anyone thinking your perfume is sickly sweet and too girly if you're wearing this. Apart from Coromandel this one is one of the most attractive,modern and classiest fragrance for elite ladies.

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