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You are the expert in bringing your values, goals and priorities to the counselling relationship.We are the experts in helping you understand your challenges and identifying next steps.Modern allopathic (western) medicine separates the body and mind, emphasizes disease management, treats specific diseases and searches for certain micro-organisms to be treated with strong pharmaceutical medications.In contrast, TCM uses natural approaches to restore harmony, never separating the person from the mind, the spirit or the environment.They also safely complement medical treatments for condi...Read More BC therapists have the most comprehensive training in North America and are required to continually update their knowledge and expertise from industry experts.

They will help you gain a better insight into your own behaviours and motivations and will help you make changes to find a greater sense of peace, and move you towards new possibilities.The physical body, mental-emotional state, environment, diet and lifestyle are viewed as equally important components in the maintenance of balance and prevention of disease.All organs and vital functions in the body are thought to be a constant continuum, influencing, controlling and restraining one another.Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient healing system dating back thousands of years.TCM practitioners view the body-mind process as an integrated whole and believe that disease is the result of imbalance within the whole.

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